Boston Boomer

I will be running the Boston Marathon in April 2015 at the age of 50.

You are asking yourself the same questions I did.  Has he lost it?  So this is what a mid-life crisis looks like?  Has he killed too many brain cells over the years?  Oh my god, does this mean more blog spam?  Whatever it is that’s causing it, I’m going with it.

Here’s the deal.  As many of you know, I recently got the bug to run a marathon.  So I spent 22 weeks this past year training and eventually running the Savannah Rock ‘N Roll Marathon on November 5, 2011.  I finished with a time of 3:56:42 which way exceeded my goal of 4:29:14 (one second faster than Oprah).  What happens when you finish one of these things is you feel fantastic.  You are sore but elated.  Really elated.  You can’t stop smiling actually.  It’s a combination of satisfaction at having completed a big hairy goal and the fact that a marathon just sounds and IS tough.  But then the week afterwards you have a bit of a hangover.  You’re beyond sore, walking like the tin man for days and you’re thinking, ok, what’s next?

Well I’ll tell you what’s next.  I figured if I can do a marathon and do it without many issues there must be something along those lines that is much bigger.  In my mind, the ultimate race for runners when you think of marathons is the Boston Marathon.  I know there are now bigger races and maybe even better races but to me and my simple mind the Boston Marathon is like the amateur runner’s Olympics.  So, I’m going to do it.

That is the optimist speaking.  The other side of this coin (and title for this blog) is “Bust”.  If I were a betting man – today I would say the odds of Bust beating Boston is like 70/30.  Getting into this race is incredibly difficult.  I’ll explain all that later (I’ve got a plan).  It can be done but is crazy hard.  So, bust is lurking.

I’m going to keep this first post short.  Here’s the scoop.  If you subscribe to this you’ll get one post per month until April 2015.  That’s like getting a 42 month subscription for FREE!  For those past RFBR subscribers ( you’ll know it is worth it (yeah right).  For everyone else, my promise is that I’ll blog more about random happenings than running.  If that’s for you, then hit the subscribe button on the side and then confirm the e-mail that gets sent to you.  Its that simple.

Holy crap – there’s not many months left until I’m 50 (March, 11 2015).  And not much time to make the field.  I better get running.

Only 41 months and 26.2 miles to go…


2 Responses to Boston Boomer

  1. Dorothy Gourley says:

    My first reaction … “You are kidding!” But, then knowing you, you weren’t. All I will say is … good luck but don’t push yourself TOO hard. Love ya, Mom

  2. pgourley123 says:

    Mom – not kidding. But truly is a “stretch” goal. We shall see. Stay tuned. You’ll have to join me in Boston to celebrate. Love you too. Paul

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