Jordy (Cleo)

This is Jordy/Cleo. She is a black lab that my family adopted via the Angels Among Us organization. Her name before we got her was Cleo. We decided to rename her Jordy after Packer wide receiver Jordy Nelson. Unfortunately, yesterday was a very sad day in our house. We had to make the decision to return her to her foster home as she was about to kill our cat Charlie. They just could not even be in the same room or the same house. Our cat was beyond scared to death and probably for good reason. We will never know if it would have worked out but made the tough call to return her to the home with the fenced back yard and no cats. So now she’s back to being Cleo.

I hadn’t intended to write a blog anytime soon as I don’t have much new news or creative ideas. And for sure today I have little to no humor to share. But what I did want to do is send this out in the event someone out there might want to adopt Cleo. She is a GREAT dog and I figured I owed it to her to see what I could do to help her find a new home.

Cleo is approximately three years old. She is a beautiful female black lab. I’m not sure they have much information on her prior life but I do know she got along great with our other dog. And I also know that anyone with a cat should not even consider her. Ideally, the adopting family would have a fenced back yard for her to run. The only running Cleo was able to do at our place was around the house chasing Charlie and one short run with me on the leash. She did make it a mile and seemed like she could go on a lot longer so she’d make a good running partner in that regard. She’s been around a bunch of other labs for a while now so she knows how to just get along with other dogs. She had some sort of allergy that she’s getting over and needs a bit of special food but other than that she’s a normal dog.

Cleo has a great personality and knows how to sit, down and sometimes stay. I’ll be asking around my friends that I know. I’d ask you do the same. Given our trial run with her I can highly recommend her as being good with kids and good with other dogs; she’s just not good with cats and needs a back yard with a fence.

No doubt this was a really tough thing to go through for all of us. I know Cleo will be adopted and in the mean time has a great home with a great foster parent. Please consider her and feel free to call me if you have any questions. I can get you in touch with her foster mom.


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