About This Blog

This is intended to be just a fun way to capture the months leading up to running the Boston Marathon in 2015 when I turn 50.  All blog posts will be more focused on trying to be entertaining than on trying to educate.  I have nothing to educate you on in regards to running anyway.  I’m just hoping to get there.

This blog is just like its predecessor only its monthly and better!  (http://www.rfbr262.com)

Go ahead and subscribe to the blog and you’ll get an e-mail once a month with the latest posts.  Enjoy!

Disclaimer:  this is strictly a personal blog and not affiliated with any company or any person other than myself.  All names (including my own) have been intentionally removed or changed.


One Response to About This Blog

  1. Son says:

    Good job on your Blog.
    Well written and fun to read.

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