Chewbacca the Hairy Potter

August 2, 2012

What do you call Chewbacca when he is working with clay? Hairy Potter.

And what if Chewbacca were a runner? Shoebacca.

You know who I mean. My favorite fuzzy Star Wars character who sounds a bit like Rocky Balboa or Ryan Lochte. Lately I have been thinking he ran marathons on the side.

Quotes like the one in the picture or maybe “Rarrrawww Awwrrr” were common. Han and Luke always knew what he was trying to say but maybe Han and Luke were wrong. Maybe what Chewbacca was trying to say was “I ran 10 this morning and my thighs are rrrraaaawww.” Or maybe Chewbacca was trying to say “I mapped my run and given they don’t have any water on this next planet I need to bring my gatrrrraaaarriiid”. Who knows. I’m thinking maybe Chewie was a runner!

And if he was, then he and I are a lot alike. We both are clydesdales (200lb runners). We both tend to mumble (he’s worse than I am). We both have hairy eyebrows when not trimmed. In my case this has only been since the gray hairs have arrived. “Would you like me to trim your eyebrows?” is always a question I get asked at the barbershop these days. That never used to happen. But I’m glad it happens now. Without it I’d be like Uncle Sam pointing his finger saying “I want you!” with my think gray brow hair sticking out. Also, Chewbacca and I both have a good sense of humor. So I’m thinking maybe Chewie was trying to tell jokes? “Why did the chicken cross the school yard? To get to the other sliiiiiiidddddeee.” Good one, Chewie (and very well timed given school is almost back in session)! Imagine if you will Chewbacca wearing a number pinned to his furry chest and running a marathon. Yep, another resemblence to yours truly.

So why do I bring up Star Wars and Chewbacca when we haven’t had one of those movies in years? Well, this coming weekend we are going to a Braves game and guess what night it is? Star Wars night! But really it is because ever since we found out it was going to be Star Wars night I can’t stop texting my wife and the people we are going with Chewbacca pictures and Chewbacca jokes and fake Chewbacca quotes. He has to be the best character ever invented who never said anything anyone understood. And if you try this for yourself you’ll find you crack yourself up. Go ahead and just start to imitate Chewbacca for a moment yourself….I’ll wait……..

See? It is pretty darn funny isn’t? Who doesn’t like to imitate this guy! Raarrawww Urrawww Waaaaaaa. That’s good stuff right there!

Running Update: If Chewbacca had run this past week when I did he would have had a shaggy wet mess worse than that hairy back guy Tim I had to guard back in high school in basketball. If Tim tried to back me down toward the rim I would just let him take the layup. That little voice inside my head would say “Avoid the back!”.

Wednesday of this past week I was about a half mile into a six mile run and down came a lot of rain. My evil left brain said “Turn this ship around. Let’s head on home. It’s raining.” Jeff Galloway wrote a great article about this and how your left brain is out to get you. “Your left brain doesn’t want you to run 26.2 miles. It doesn’t want you to run 13.1. It doesn’t want you to run a 10k. It doesn’t even want to do a 5k. Your left brain is perfectly content watching football.” – Jeff G.

I so agree with this. Even during short four mile runs I can hear ‘ol lefty whispering alternatives to keeping going or shortening things up. But somehow runners figure out a way to just try and ignore this guy. Turn up the iPod. Play tricks with your head. Whatever works. WWCD? He’d grab the left brain by the throat and say “Arrrgghhhrawwww” and then keep on going.

Only 32 months and 26.2 miles to go…