So 30 Seconds Ago

February 10, 2012

I am in a strange never never land age group. I’m pretty gray and old and have friends that are gray and old. I’ll call this group the Geezers (and I will put myself in this category). But I also have friends that are still in their 20’s and 30’s (or maybe even very early 40s). I’ll call this group the Youngbloods. I thought I’d write a bit about the differences I see from my viewpoint; there are many.

If I text my Geezer friends I can expect a response in let’s say…hours, maybe. If I text my Youngblood friends…immediate.

If I post something on Facebook that is extremely witty and funny I can expect my Geezer friends will have read it, chuckled to themselves and if I’m very fortunate they may have hit the Like button. The Youngbloods will (within minutes) one up me with a more humorous status response and may even follow it up with a text and/or an e-mail. They are always on. They are the ultimate Pavlov’s dog. Vibrate their phone and you’ll get a response because it is almost an appendage.

If I tweet something on Twitter (this is a rare occasion) then I can expect my Geezer friends will never see this comment. They don’t use Twitter. If I tweeted “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. For real.” my Geezer friends would never be able to rescue me. It’s just one social network too many for them. Youngbloods will re-tweet my tweet (whatever that means) and I’ll also soon have new Youngblood followers that I’ve never heard of all within the next few minutes. And for sure one of them would soon be at my house to pick me up off the floor (#OldPeopleFalling – now trending).

My wife is now using some new thing called Pinterest. It seems to be a “chick” thing so there is no way I’m even checking it out. It lets her pin her interests so others know what she likes (recipes, home decor, crafts, etc.). Ah, hello? Home decor? No, I won’t be logging into Pinterest. But it looks like this is targeted at the Geezer tweener group that is online. I don’t think the Youngbloods use recipes. They go out to eat. And I doubt they even have a home to decorate. So no sharing of that type of information on Pinterest for this group.

I sometimes find that my occasional addiction to wasting time online is “so annoying” to use my daughter’s vernacular. And I think it’s only because not all my Geezer friends are engaged. We all start to get into it, get bored or annoyed and then go away. Then we wonder what we’re missing so we go back. But eventually what I see happening in the future for me is to start using my cell phone to actually make calls again. That will be so crazy. I’ll actually be talking to people again (instead of hitting that volume button sending you to v-mail when you call so I can then turn around and just text with you instead). I suppose the only way I’ll know what has happened this past year is via people’s Christmas card poems. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it? The only things I’d miss are the Packer/Falcon/Giant football banter and the occasional crack me up post from a Geezer friend or two (you know who you are).

The irony of writing all this is that it is via a blog that goes into the Internet never never land and, unless forced, will never be seen by my Geezer friends. I get tons of views and I’m sure many are from my Youngblood friends and those new Twitter followers that I hopefully will never meet in person. I know people enjoy it as a few of my Geezer friends actually tell me or my wife this in person verbally. Its not like I don’t get comments (thanks Guru, thanks Mom) but it is cool to actually talk to people about it vs. most bloggers (who are likely upstart Youngbloods) who go back and forth with strangers via the web. Stranger comments would be “so annoying” too.

Running Update: I’m officially in Hal’s half marathon training program now. I chose the “intermediate” plan because I’m so far beyond that “novice” stage. All it really means is go run five days a week instead of four and mix in some speed work. Speed work is running really fast around a 400 meter track with jogging in between. This particular plan has it so I start with 5 x 400 and work my way up to 10 x 400 before the Nashville half marathon in April. No problemo.

Speaking of Hal, I have to admit that I got into it with him a bit over e-mail. He’s writing some article on the new Boston Qualifier standards and had asked for comments. I think I may have pissed him off when I fired off a long-winded e-mail and said trying to figure it out makes my head spin in confusion like the Aflac duck. Guru says he may just be getting testy in his Geezer age but I think I really ticked him off. I hope we can mend fences. I’d hate to do all this work leading up to April 2015 and then have Hal blackball me.

Anyone that is interested and up for it, a group of us are running the Silver Comet 10K on March 10th. Supposedly you can get a good qualifying time for this summer’s Peachtree 10K. However, I am just in it for the apres run party at my friend’s house near the finish line. And of course, the offer is always open to join the fun in Savannah this fall. So far, I have convinced five newbies to do the marathon with me. Just let me know and I’ll get you some details. The more the merrier in the Savannah apres run haunted pub crawl.

Still only 38 months and 26.2 miles to go…


Spartan Cheerleaders – Marathon

January 26, 2012

I know no one watches SNL anymore.  However, I do (except it isn’t on Saturday night).  It is on Netflix via my new Apple TV.  And I think my wife, daughter and I laughed until we cried this past month when we watched Craig (Will Ferrell) and Arianna (Cheri Oteri) cheer for the Midwestern Chess Championships.  One of my favorite cheers – “U-G-L-Y You ain’t got no alibi.  You’re ugly!  Hey, Hey, You’re Ugly!  Wooooo!  K-I-N-G You can’t take my king from me.  You’re Ugly!  Hey, Hey, You’re Ugly!  Wooooo!”

This series ran from 1995-1999 and featured these two as awkward, self-conscious cheerleaders who really wanted to cheer but no one wanted to hear them.  They had tried out for the cheerleading squad in the original skit but didn’t make it.  They then made off with the uniforms and cheered (illegally) at everything from football, bowling, ping-pong, swim meets and this one – the chess championships.

Anything Will Ferrell does is very funny but we had forgotten about the SNL Craig character.  It’s even funnier the second time around.  [Side bar – my wife had heard the “More Cowbell” phrase before but never saw the skit.  Go check that one out too.  It is also a classic.]

Anyway, what I thought I would do is send Craig and Arianna to Savannah this coming year to cheer me on in the marathon.  I’ll put them around mile 8 and then again at mile 20 or so to get me motivated.  I’ll even write a few cheers for them.  How about these:

“T-R-I-P You can run but not from me.  I’ll trip you!  Hey, hey, I’ll trip you!  Wooooo!”


“Who’s that Spartan running round that tree?  It’s me!  It’s me!  Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh.  Uh huh.”


“1-2-3-4 Who you runners running for?  You’re momma.  Hey, hey, your momma.  Wooooo!”


“R-U-N-N-I-N-G That’s the way we spell run-ning. Run-ning.  Let’s get run-ning!  Woooo!”

I have even found a website with Craig and Arianna outfits so if there are any volunteers out there in blog land that want to step up to the plate just let me know.  Even if I don’t have volunteers I may have to talk my wife into creating a home video cheer of us in this year’s 2012 costume for the November post.

Running Update:  I’m doing 15-20 miles per week at the moment.  I’m still not officially training for anything except training my right hand to put down the second bratwurst (not working).  Near term goal: stay under the Clydesdale category.  I did watch “Forks Over Kniveson Netflix as well.  Their basic message is eat anything you want that is a fruit, vegetable or whole food item.  It examines the claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us (heart attacks, diabetes, cancer) can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.  Easy description – don’t eat anything with a mother or father.  Plant-based whole food diet.  It is their fancy word for vegetarian.

“A film that can save your life!” – Roger Ebert

“A great film.” – Sanjay Gupta MD, CNN

“I loved it and I need all of you to see it.” – Dr. Oz

“This is ridiculous.  I eat cheese and brats.  This is obviously not for me.” – Bob, Author of this blog

Oh wait, maybe it is?  They start with “2 out of every 3 of us are overweight and most likely obese”.  My odds are not good.  But then again, maybe its you?  Or you?  Only one of us three isn’t obese.  Jokes aside, it did wake me up a bit to some things.  So, lunches are salads and salads are good.  That is what I’ll keep telling myself anyway.

I ran the Greenville News 5K this past weekend in Greenville, SC.  It was my best 5K race thus far (24:45).  PR.  And this came the morning after a Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan concert.  I guess the extra carbs served in 32 ounce cans of whoop *ss at the stadium the night before will have to be me in my future training rotation.  They worked.

I also got to run with a friend of mine who is a Green Beret.  He has so many awesome jaw dropping stories.  And when I brought him over to the house after the run and had him tell a few to my kids they thought he was a real life Jack Bauer.  He is actually; busting terrorist cells from Russia to Chile to Iraq.  He’s even wandered the back roads of Iraq wearing a turban, dark sun glasses, a big bushy mustache dyed black with his trusty revolver in the back of his pants.  All in the name of getting intel on what the bad guys are up to.  I need to do some more runs with him and maybe add a “Jack Bauer Says…” section to this blog.  I don’t know what Jack Bauer says but what I say is don’t mess with the Green Berets!  He’s IN for the Savannah Marathon this year now too.  We’ll leave the turbans at home.

A big shout out to Slider this month!  On January 8th, Slider completed his bucket list item and won finished the Walt Disney World Marathon!  He’s officially in the Marathon Club.  He says now that it’s complete he may be going back to half marathons but I’ll start working on him again for the Savannah Marathon here shortly.

Only 38 months and 26.2 miles to go…

C’mon Man!

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!  What’s with the Paul Ryan campaign poster?  I don’t know squat about his politics but I do know he is a republican;  he is from and lives in my small hometown in Janesville, Wisconsin;  he went to the same high school as I did (I graduated with his older brother); and he worked for Oscar Mayer in college driving the Weinermobile.  He gets my vote just because of all that.  We could be screwed but at least it would provide me some interesting bragging rights and blog fodder.

The end of the year always brings with it everyone’s best and worst lists.  So I figured this month I would take the opportunity to reflect on 2011 and predict a few things about 2012.

My favorite segment on the NFL pre-game shows is “C’mon Man!”.  It highlights bone headed plays from the previous week.  So let me start with a look back at 2011 and the C’mon Man!’s of the Year:

Occupy Shmockupy.  C’mon Man!  First, let me just say that if you want to get a job in America you can.  I could guarantee any of these Occupy’ers that I could help find them a job within a month if they were to ask me.  It may not pay much but it would be a job and a start.  I don’t know anyone in my immediate peer group that even knows what the heck they are protesting.  All I know is they have a lot of time on their hands and should quit sitting on them and start using them to flip some burgers.

Time Magazine’s “Protester” as Person of the Year?!  C’mon man!  While I’m moaning about the Occupy losers let me just say that Time lumped them into this prestigious award.  Stupid is as stupid does.

Boston Red Sox Epic Collapse.  C’mon Man!  They were up nine games in the early part of September and blew it.  “We’ll go down in history as one of the worst collapses in history, so it definitely doesn’t feel good to be part of that.” said their left fielder.  You think?

Celebrity Divorces.  C’mon Man!  Kim blames it on the nude male yoga incident (there was a nude male yoga incident?  I’m sure my daughter will fill me in.)  All I know is the Kardashians were married for 72 days.  That is like 2 1/2 months.  I’ve had my fancy running shoes for longer than that.  Condiments last longer than that.  I trained for the marathon for longer than that.  I say we all join the 280,000 that have already signed the petition. (  Add to this “in” thing to do this past year and you’ll have Demi and Ashton (at least they made it 6 years) and Russell and Katy (14 months).  Sigh.

Planking.  C’mon Man!  Ok, I guess this is the 46-year-old in me coming out.  To be honest I’d probably plank myself if I could.  My son can plank and has pictures to prove it.  I may just be jealous.  Maybe I’ll do a planking blog post one month and just post pictures to get this out of my system.

Do you have a CVS card?  C’mon Man!  No I don’t.  So quit asking me (especially since you then just swipe some card behind the counter anyway).

As for the “Best Of” for 2011 here are my favorites (sorry – most are sports related. I’m a guy.)

World Series Game 6.  David Freese who happens to be from the St. Louis area not only hits a shot off the left field wall in the 9th inning to tie the game but he then hits a homer in the bottom of the 11th with 2 outs to win it for the Cardinals.  That has to go down as the best baseball game and individual performance ever.  He even made the Ellen show.  (My wife watches it.)

Superbowl XLV Green Bay 31-25 over Pittsburgh.  I’ve said enough on the Packers so I won’t belabor it but had to include it.  You can’t blame me.

Savannah Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon.  This is a running blog after all.  If you read my previous blog ( you’ll know why this makes the list.  I also rented (and now bought for Slider) a movie called “Spirit of the Marathon”.  I realize I must have officially gone off the deep end.  I’m even forcing my wife to watch it.  But it really was a Best Of moment in 2011 to finish this goal and hopefully can be repeated again on down the road.  Side note – my wife actually made a book out of this blog.  It is awesome and way more creative than the blog itself.  It goes down as the best Christmas gift of 2011 (and probably ever).  Come on over anytime and I’ll show you.

“Poop Dolla!!!”  I could have just put this under the Savannah Marathon item as it occurred that weekend.  Slider, me, his sister and mother were walking along a sidewalk with a group of Haunted Pub Crawl people in Savannah’s historic district.  Some guy in our pub crawl group from Wake Forest (preppy, runner dude) who is walking just ahead of us happens to reach down and pick up a dollar.  He kind of looks at it as Slider says “hey, its your lucky day”.  Then he proceeds to whip it into the bush to the right of us.  We all kind of looked at him strangely but then the next thing you hear and see is some guy without a shirt yelling at the top of his lungs out of a 2nd floor window to our left “Poop Dolla!!!”.  I bet he had waited for hours for someone to finally pick up that poop infested dollar to yell that.  It was by far one of the funniest moments or things we’ve ever seen.  Poor preppy Wake Forest guy was very embarrassed and insisted he didn’t get any on him but we just couldn’t help but laugh.  You would have too.

Leaving Iraq.  I loved the pictures of the soldiers exiting Iraq.  I can’t even imagine having to spend a full year or more in the desert and dust of Iraq with land mines and lunatic snipers and such.  Good luck to the people there but come on home boys.

Family.  I continue to be blessed with a great family, good health and awesome friends.  These all make my personal list of Best Of’s for 2011.

So what are my 2012 predictions?  Kim K. will fade away.  Charlie Sheen will come back (he says he’s even famous on Mars).  A Jeremy Graham song will make country’s Top 30 (Harlem, GA native; now on iTunes; future CMA Awards winner).  Packers will three-peat.

Running Update:  Ok, “running” on the evil elliptical running machine is over.  I’m now back on track.  Literally.  You don’t know how much you like something until you can’t do it anymore.  I really do like running and missed it!  That is something I’d have never typed about a year ago.  I’m going to make my wife watch the Spirit movie over and over this coming year until she types this as well.

I have about a month of freelance running and then I’m officially training for something again.  Five of my neighborhood buddies and I are going to do the Nashville Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon in April.  I’m still following good ol’ Hal’s advice and it includes what they call Speedwork.  That is like an oxymoron when you put it anywhere near my name.  Hal says if you want to run fast you have to run fast (at least a couple of times a week).  I’m like a Hal zombie now.  Ok Hal, whatever you say Hal.

Speaking of going fast, some things never change.  For Christmas, I bought myself a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 15 running shoes.  You know how you used to feel with the new Converse shoes on your feet and how you couldn’t be caught with these new “fast shoes” on?  Well I have fast shoes on again now.  I can feel it!  Buzz kill for my new shoes and one word of caution for my Johns Creek neighbors – if you think the new sidewalk continues on along 141, think again.  You’ll be caught along the road having to choose between life and death or jumping away from the cars into ankle-deep mud.  I chose mud.

Other than the mud incident, the only funny thing running wise this past month was the monkey that sat on top of the dog running at halftime during a Broncos game.  My simple-minded humor found that very, very entertaining.  I’ve posted a link to that clip below assuming you have the same sense of humor.

Only 39 months and 26.2 miles to go…

TJ the Cheesehead NFL Owner

December 8, 2011

TJ.  It’s my new nickname.  FB is so 30 days ago.  I gave it to myself if that is allowed.  It is short for Jerry Jones Jr. or Three Js.  And it is all because the Green Bay Packers allowed me to become part-owner of their franchise.  That’s right.  I’m an NFL owner now.  It doesn’t matter that I only own one share.  It only matters that I am truly and officially part-owner of the Packers.  Being the huge fan that I am…that is cool is all I can say.

My wife was a bit surprised to get my text that read something like “I’m going to buy us all Packer shares today.  $1000.”  Well, needless to say it was a few texts later and I settled on being our family’s representative.  It cost me $275 ($250 per share + $25 handling charge).  It is completely worthless from a money standpoint.  I can never sell it.  I can never transfer it to anyone else.  I can never make any sort of return on my investment.  BUT, what I can do is brag to anyone and everyone who will listen that I’m not just a fan,  I’m an owner.  The success of the Packers is in my hands (kind of).  It is pressure.  If Aaron starts to suck, I have to represent the rest of the fan base with my one share partial vote and think about bringing back Brent Favre (nah).  And what it does offer (for real) is to give me the ability to attend the annual shareholders meeting inside Lambeau Field each year.  And I get a stock certificate for the basement wall.  That is all so worth $250.

The cheese is going fast as they say.  They raised $400K in the first 11 minutes (my $250 was part of that number).  And over 185,000 shares were sold in the first two days alone!  That’s $46M raised in just 48 hours!  Only $100M left to go to cover the cost of the Lambeau Field expansion.  I’m all for it believe me.  I’m like #19,000 on the wait list for Packer season tickets.  I’m expecting a few more expansions and I’m in.  If it hits before I’m 60 we’re retiring and moving to Green Bay earlier than planned.  That, or I am.

So what do I plan to do as owner?  I’ve had a day or so to think about it.  Here’s some ideas:

Change #1 “Trough Amendment” – This may be kind of gross but I’m going to get rid of the urinals and re-install the troughs at Lambeau.  Maybe only the guys will understand but when you have to go you have to go.  Especially when there is beer and tailgating involved.  The beauty of the former troughs was you walked into the bathroom and just kept walking and then you left.  Urinals mean lines which means waiting.  We’re going back.

Change #2 “Mr. Rodgers” – We’re going to put big *ss flags on the top of each of the field goals that read “Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood”.  I saw a tailgater with one this last trip up there in the tailgating area.  I like that so much it is going inside.

Change #3 “Owners Rule” – Owners get seats.  I mean what the heck is going on?  I’m an owner for cripes sake and I’m 19,000 on the waiting list?!  That needs to change.  And I’m heading down to walk the sidelines with about 6 minutes to go each game.  And high fiving the boys on the way to the tunnel.  I’ll wear my Owner cheesehead so they know I’m important.

Change #4 “Jump Around” – I know this is a Badger thing but let’s make it a Wisconsin thing.  Between the 3rd and 4th quarters we’re playing Jump Around loud and everyone is going to jump around.  You’ve seen it on TV at Camp Randall.  Now you’ll see it at Lambeau too.

Change #5 “Knob Creek” – You can’t bring in your own drinks or food but there is now going to be one exception.  In the games held in November-February at Lambeau you are now allowed to sneak in a pint of Knob Creek.  It’s good for the soul and warms you up.  Norwegians will love this new change.

I’m sure I’ll think of other things but that should do for now.  I don’t want to make a spectacle of myself in the first shareholder meeting.  One thing that won’t change is the call center process and reps that support the shareholders.  I called to confirm my order.   It says press 2 if you have questions about your order and so I do.  But given there are so many people buying I bet the lines are packed (no pun intended).  What is crazy is I spent like 5 minutes waiting on the line and do they play elevator music?  Nope.  They play Green Bay radio snipits from last year’s Superbowl.  They had the fumble that Clay Mathews forced, the interception pick 6 by Nick Collins and a few of the touchdowns.  They would play one clip and then play the da da, da da da da Go Pack Go music/chant.  I didn’t want any of the reps to pick up.  But then one did and when we’re done talking guess what she said?  “Thank you for supporting your team!  Go Pack Go!”  She really said that.  With enthusiasm!  That’s awesome.

Running Update: I got nothing.  Doc says Sports Hernia so take a month off running.  So you’ll see me at Lifetime on the Eliptical and the bike.  Then back in the saddle in January.

Still only 40 months and 26.2 miles to go…(You got a double bonus this month since I was so excited to talk about being an owner.  Back to monthly next month maybe.)

U Betcha!

December 1, 2011

“You know what they say, if Dick Cheney comes out of his hole and shoots an old man in the face, six more weeks of winter.” — Jimmy Kimmel

They also say when you’ve finished training and running a marathon that you’re supposed to let your body recovery for about a month and eat and drink like you’re back in (old) school.  I’ve followed that advice to a T.  In fact, I went up north to Wisconsin this past month for our annual deer hunting excursion with my son, my dad, my best friend from high school and a good family friend my dad’s age.  If drinking beer, eating cheese and crackers, eating cheeseburgers, eating beef jerky, eating Mrs. Fishers potato chips, eating skin on wieners and eating chili helps you recover from a marathon – I should be fully recovered now (or dead soon).  I figured this month I could give you all a little taste of what this kind of trip looks like.

There was absolutely no running and definitely no elliptical or bikes involved.  Just traipsing around the north woods in my blaze orange hunting suit (looking like Ralphie) and sneaking a peek at my watch to see if I could theoretically go back in to the cabin to play cards and stay warm without getting verbally abused by my fellow hunters.  I have thin southern blood now days so I don’t think the cold is good for me.  That, and the cabin is just so much warmer than being 15′ up in the air in a tree in 10 degree wind chill weather.  Only fun I had in the woods this year was watching the little chick-a-dees (since I never saw any deer).  And one of those crazy birds actually landed on the tip of my rifle.  They are brave little suckers.

For those of you violently opposed to this annual tradition (yeah you Disney), don’t worry, I don’t ever get anything and didn’t again this year.  And neither does my group (usually).  It’s really just a way to bond with my son, my dad and my buddies/cousins for a weekend in a place that has nothing but woods surrounding it and gravel roads in all directions.  I’ve been going up there for 40 years now with my Dad.  I’m very fortunate and glad to be able to say that.

Speaking of gravel roads – if you take the gravel road out of our place to the left one mile and then turn left on another gravel road and right on another you end up in a small town called Pray, Wisconsin.  I’m pretty sure the name has nothing to do with what it implies as all they have there are two bars and a railroad track.  That’s it.  Here is how simple life is for the bartender at the Pray’s Saddle Mound Tap.  Every day around noon, the train that comes within about 50 yards of the place slows down to a crawl as it passes through town.  It blares its whistle and out she runs with the hamburger and fries.  And then on his way he goes.  Same thing, day after day.  I bet they have a little something going on other than the burger in that coal car if you know what I mean.  I’m sure that train sometimes stops a bit longer on some days than on other days but then again what else is there to do?  Playing Golden Eye and eating pork rinds can only take you so far.  Needless to say, we didn’t talk much about running during my time in Pray.

Another town we go to is called Hatfield, Wisconsin.  That is the town with the population disclaimer above.  Its much bigger than Pray.  There are at least four bars in this place.  And their claim to fame is that they used to have a skating rink.  They do have a lake and I suppose that is what draws people in during the summer.  But during the winter this influx of deer hunters is probably their last hoo-rah.  What you’ll find to draw in the hunters includes:  a roulette wheel on the ceiling to win bottles of Windsor, shake of the day dice cups (I won a 12 pack of Leinenkugel!), venison jerky, 30-06 rifle raffles, pickled eggs, Funyons, Orange Crush pop, signs above the bar that say “you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning”, Green Bay Packer pictures from the past 40 years, mounted deer heads, Da Yoopers on the jukebox and thankfully and finally no smoke.  These places used to be a smog.  No talk about running in these joints either.  I could just never find the right time to say “hey guys, any of you ever run a marathon?” or “hey, any of you guys still experience chafing during your long runs?” or “hey, did you guys know that if you were to start running every day you’ll die healthier?”  I’m pretty sure that was a wise move.  Awkward is the word that comes to mind.

Running Update:  So what does all this have to do with running?  Absolutely nothing.  That is what is supposed to be the case the weeks following running a marathon.  What I can do is give you an update on the Boston or Bust situation.  Last month I said the odds were 70:30 Bust vs. Boston.  I think the odds have changed since I’ve read the new qualification requirements.  Odds are now 90:10 Bust vs. Boston but I’m going to keep writing and keep the dream alive.  The reason for this odds adjustment?  These new qualification requirements are beyond crazy.  When I go for it in 2013/2014 to qualify I’ll have to run a marathon in 3:30:00 or less.  They now are doing a rolling qualification which means I really need to run like 3:25:00 or less to be able to register early for my 2015 50-year-old age group.  That is 7.82 minute miles.  My body doesn’t respond to or even know what 7.82 minute miles are at this point.  There are still lots of FB pounds on me that need to go away before that is even something to consider.  But at least I know what they require now.  They’ve changed it to be this hard to weed out the riff raff I suppose.   That would be me.  But I won’t let those snooty elite Boston Athletic Association organizers spoil my blogging and running goals.  I’m hopeful they won’t change this again anytime soon.  I think they did it this time just to spite me as this was the first time its been changed in 33 years.

Optimist (Boston Side of Me): One thing Slider did on the ride over to complete our Savannah Marathon quest was pop in a Jim Valvano motivational speech from before he had cancer.  It was in the context of how NC State won the 1983 National Championship against a Houston team with Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajawon.  Truly it was one of the biggest upsets and underdog wins ever.  In this speech he said something that stuck with me.  He had told his team before the season “How do you go from where you are to where you want to be? I think you must have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal, and you have to be willing to work for it.”  So these new qualifier standards?  They’re just bumps in the road and something I have to work towards getting past in pursuit of this next goal.  Ain’t nothing. [By the way – this week is the ESPN 2011 Jimmy V Week for Cancer.  Go check out]

Pessimist (Bust Side of Me):  Holy crap.  I’m screwed.  I know that being public about these goals is good motivation but c’mon man.  7 minute miles?  Maybe I just need to hydrate a bit more (like the guy below) than I did last time.  That ought to speed things up.

Only 40 months and 26.2 miles to go…