TJ the Cheesehead NFL Owner

December 8, 2011

TJ.  It’s my new nickname.  FB is so 30 days ago.  I gave it to myself if that is allowed.  It is short for Jerry Jones Jr. or Three Js.  And it is all because the Green Bay Packers allowed me to become part-owner of their franchise.  That’s right.  I’m an NFL owner now.  It doesn’t matter that I only own one share.  It only matters that I am truly and officially part-owner of the Packers.  Being the huge fan that I am…that is cool is all I can say.

My wife was a bit surprised to get my text that read something like “I’m going to buy us all Packer shares today.  $1000.”  Well, needless to say it was a few texts later and I settled on being our family’s representative.  It cost me $275 ($250 per share + $25 handling charge).  It is completely worthless from a money standpoint.  I can never sell it.  I can never transfer it to anyone else.  I can never make any sort of return on my investment.  BUT, what I can do is brag to anyone and everyone who will listen that I’m not just a fan,  I’m an owner.  The success of the Packers is in my hands (kind of).  It is pressure.  If Aaron starts to suck, I have to represent the rest of the fan base with my one share partial vote and think about bringing back Brent Favre (nah).  And what it does offer (for real) is to give me the ability to attend the annual shareholders meeting inside Lambeau Field each year.  And I get a stock certificate for the basement wall.  That is all so worth $250.

The cheese is going fast as they say.  They raised $400K in the first 11 minutes (my $250 was part of that number).  And over 185,000 shares were sold in the first two days alone!  That’s $46M raised in just 48 hours!  Only $100M left to go to cover the cost of the Lambeau Field expansion.  I’m all for it believe me.  I’m like #19,000 on the wait list for Packer season tickets.  I’m expecting a few more expansions and I’m in.  If it hits before I’m 60 we’re retiring and moving to Green Bay earlier than planned.  That, or I am.

So what do I plan to do as owner?  I’ve had a day or so to think about it.  Here’s some ideas:

Change #1 “Trough Amendment” – This may be kind of gross but I’m going to get rid of the urinals and re-install the troughs at Lambeau.  Maybe only the guys will understand but when you have to go you have to go.  Especially when there is beer and tailgating involved.  The beauty of the former troughs was you walked into the bathroom and just kept walking and then you left.  Urinals mean lines which means waiting.  We’re going back.

Change #2 “Mr. Rodgers” – We’re going to put big *ss flags on the top of each of the field goals that read “Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood”.  I saw a tailgater with one this last trip up there in the tailgating area.  I like that so much it is going inside.

Change #3 “Owners Rule” – Owners get seats.  I mean what the heck is going on?  I’m an owner for cripes sake and I’m 19,000 on the waiting list?!  That needs to change.  And I’m heading down to walk the sidelines with about 6 minutes to go each game.  And high fiving the boys on the way to the tunnel.  I’ll wear my Owner cheesehead so they know I’m important.

Change #4 “Jump Around” – I know this is a Badger thing but let’s make it a Wisconsin thing.  Between the 3rd and 4th quarters we’re playing Jump Around loud and everyone is going to jump around.  You’ve seen it on TV at Camp Randall.  Now you’ll see it at Lambeau too.

Change #5 “Knob Creek” – You can’t bring in your own drinks or food but there is now going to be one exception.  In the games held in November-February at Lambeau you are now allowed to sneak in a pint of Knob Creek.  It’s good for the soul and warms you up.  Norwegians will love this new change.

I’m sure I’ll think of other things but that should do for now.  I don’t want to make a spectacle of myself in the first shareholder meeting.  One thing that won’t change is the call center process and reps that support the shareholders.  I called to confirm my order.   It says press 2 if you have questions about your order and so I do.  But given there are so many people buying I bet the lines are packed (no pun intended).  What is crazy is I spent like 5 minutes waiting on the line and do they play elevator music?  Nope.  They play Green Bay radio snipits from last year’s Superbowl.  They had the fumble that Clay Mathews forced, the interception pick 6 by Nick Collins and a few of the touchdowns.  They would play one clip and then play the da da, da da da da Go Pack Go music/chant.  I didn’t want any of the reps to pick up.  But then one did and when we’re done talking guess what she said?  “Thank you for supporting your team!  Go Pack Go!”  She really said that.  With enthusiasm!  That’s awesome.

Running Update: I got nothing.  Doc says Sports Hernia so take a month off running.  So you’ll see me at Lifetime on the Eliptical and the bike.  Then back in the saddle in January.

Still only 40 months and 26.2 miles to go…(You got a double bonus this month since I was so excited to talk about being an owner.  Back to monthly next month maybe.)